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The entire performance of generic fosamax gives time for formation of bone cells while the denigration process is slowed down.

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The efficacy of fosamax in men with hypogonadal or idiopathic osteoporosis was demonstrated in two clinical studies.

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Spontaneous bone fractures have been linked to the use of fosamax.

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Fosamax is used to treat and prevent osteoporosis and to treat paget s disease.

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After starting the fosamax; first tablet; within hours i noticed my joints muscles and tendons were affected painful beyond what i could make myself understand much less anyone else my husband watched me curl up in bed in agony; unable to stand- just groan- i let a week go by hoping this was a fluke -the same thing happened.

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1 do not administer fosamax oral solution to patients at increased risk of aspiration.

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