Most popular essay types

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1. Sports � the road to life. Any College will have a team for a particular sport. This is a very prestigious, and its members always rely on the “benefits of training” � it’s like an unwritten rule. So, if you become a member of these teams, you may assume that the diploma is already in your pocket; because, as you know, on athletes of all hope, they represent the honor of the College at numerous competitions and tournaments.

2. Social work. Not all commercial colleges offer trade Union organizations, but activists there are in any group. They are the first to participate in all competitions, KVN, performances, and festivals and did become the object of universal admiration, instigators and key organizers. These “favorites” I love not only fellow students and members of the opposite sex, but even the most strict teachers. So do not be surprised if the grades for a particular subject will sometimes slightly inflated.

3. The head of the group. Personally, I have noticed that the head of the group � always excellent. It is not in his intellectual abilities, and in the authority he has in the eyes of all the teachers. Well, is such a responsible person controlling the whole group, put honored of three?

Of course, it is better to put an undeserved four or five in advance, so to speak. This is one of those student’s injustices, which most often occurs in real life.

4. Pets Department. In the group there are also those students that teachers love more than others and deliberately inflate the grades. If you understand the psychology of the teacher, and it is possible to become such a pet; but the important thing is not to forget that fellow students are unlikely to appreciate such friendliness with the teacher. But that does not make for diligent study and honors for the production.

5. Personal initiative. Sometimes to learn and be in good standing with the teachers, not necessarily to flatter, to act and to grovel, you just need to take a responsible approach to their schooling and a desire for new knowledge to earn a sustainable credibility in the eyes of teachers. This at first glance seems impossible, but as you know: “it Is necessary to try and succeed”!

I advise you to read: How to earn the trust of the teacher?

So that each student can choose for themselves the most effective way that he is especially close. In any case you will have to work hard during the first two years to the remaining two seemed like a real resort. It has been well said that “first, earn credibility, and then he works for you”! So it all really and with the right approach, the College will be a pleasant commemorated in life.

Conclusion: Now I hope that many applicants will no longer be ashamed of the word “College” and studying within its walls, will demonstrate strong knowledge in future profession.