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Khatami ss, mukunda b, ravakhah k coinfection with giardia lamblia and clostridium difficile after use of ranitidine.

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1 , 8 , 21 in a recent study in which pantoprazole was compared with ranitidine for preventing rebleeding of ulcers, jensen et al 22 found no significant differences in outcomes between the 2 groups, although rebleeding tended to occur less often in the patients treated with the ppi.

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Some doctors have linked the risk of pneumonia with taking ranitidine.

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They operate differently than histamine blockers such as zantac ranitidine ranitidine and pepsid famotidine .

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Durand jm, suchet l, morange s, michel b ranitidine and aseptic meningitis vol 312, pg 886, 1996 .

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Haboubi n, asquith p rash mediated by immune complexes associated with ranitidine treatment.

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hypersensitivity to ranitidine or any component of ranitidine tablets.

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